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Are looking to sell a gold engagement ring?

Although the thought of selling your old engagement ring might sound challenging, we can help make it an easy process. We buy yellow gold, white gold, and platinum engagement rings including diamond engagement rings.

Gold Buyer in Chicago

You said "I do" and now you said "I don't", time to sell your engagement ring!

The gold or platinum in your old engagement ring and wedding band is worth money, and the diamonds can be worth a big money. Please call us today with whatever information you have about your engagement ring and we will work out a price quote.

Gold Engagement Ring Buyer

Gold class rings are usually very heavy and can have several hundred dollars worth of gold in them! No matter what the ring, if it's gold, white gold, or platinum, we want to buy it.

There is no chart for current diamond prices, but you can always check the current price of gold.

Even though there is not a chart for the price of engagement rings, dealers do consult a monthly price list called Rapaport Diamond Report. Cook County Buyers will always check the current "rap sheet" to determine a fair value for your engagement ring.

The price of gold will determine the price per gram for your ring, and the "rap sheet" will determine the value of the diamonds in your engagement ring.

We are very interested in purchasing your engagement ring if the center diamond is over 1/2 carat and the purchase price was $2000 or more. Smaller engagement rings can still have value, especially if they are a brand such as Tiffany & Co. or Cartier. Call to discuss your engagement ring, and meet Mike.

There are so many different types of engagement rings, and we buy them all.

Most engagement rings feature a larger center diamond, and sometimes small side stones. Rings with just one diamond are called solitaires.

The larger and better quality the center stone, the bigger and better the price will be!

The heavier the ring, the more it will be worth.

Gold rings can be made of 10k, 14k, 18k, and even 22k gold or platinum. The value of your gold ring is based on the weight of the ring and the purity of the metal. The higher karat gold will sell for more per gram than the lower karat gold.

When it's time to sell your Gold Ring, Cook County Buyers Pays Top Dollar!

Cook County Buyers has a private office in Northbrook, we can also meet at a public location of your choice.

Mike can meet Monday through Saturday mornings until early afternoon. Please call (773) 490-9828 to schedule a meeting.

If you prefer to mail your items to CCB learn more here


Mike, the Gold Engagement Ring Buyer

Northbrook Illinois Office | Mike J.

Mike can meet Monday through Saturday mornings until early afternoon. Please call (773) 490-9828 to schedule a meeting.

If you are located out of state, you can sell your jewelry by shipping it to us.

I buy all gold jewelry including gold rings, gold chains, gold bracelets, gold earrings, gold coins, gold nuggets, Gold Ringes, and dental gold.


Selling Gold to Mike



I want to ensure I get the most money possible for my gold.
Cook County Buyers always pays at least 75% of market value for your gold and up to 95% or more for desirable items! We promise to offer the most for your gold and will match or beat any written offer!
I need a convenient way to sell my gold with easy access.
Cook County Buyers' private office is in the heart of Downtown Northbrook IL. With free parking in front or next to the building and an elevator to the second-floor office, it will be effortless to sell your gold.
I live in another state or otherwise cannot come to your office.
We will email a FedEx insured shipping label to print out and take to the nearest FedEx drop-off center. Your gold will ship express, and we will send payment the same day we get your package.        

Engagement Ring Selling Process

If you prefer, call an expert at (773) 490-9828 for more information or to get an estimate.

Get a Quote

When you call Mike, You'll be greeted by a professional that respects your time. That's why we have just a few quick questions to get you an estimate.

SCHEDULE Appointment

After receiving your estimate, and you're ready to schedule a Service Call, click Schedule a appointment to book online or Call/Text (773) 490-9828.

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