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About Gold Buying in Chicago and Suburbs

My name is Mike Jacobson, owner of Cook County Buyers Inc

I started this business over 6 years ago buying scrap gold jewelry and have been in the business my whole life. I decided that I could do a better job than the corporate gold buyer stores, or local pawn shops and have grown into a top choice in Chicago land for individuals looking to sell their items. Everyone claims to pay the most when its time to sell gold, but I can actually deliver because I have zero employees, a very small office, and minimal expenses.

I work on an average profit margin of 20% to 25%

This translates into a higher payout to you, the seller, meaning if I pay you $1000 for your gold, when I sell it to the refiner, it will net me around $1200 to $1250 depending on what happens to the price of gold. Most buyers would need to pay much less for the same amount of gold in order to cover expenses such as rent, employees, and other major overhead costs.

Another advantage to selling gold and diamonds to Cook County Buyer, Inc.

You get to work one on one directly with me, and I will explain exactly what your item is worth and guide you through the process without any rush or pressure. Rarely is a seller given an opportunity to sit with a knowledgeable buyer and have all of her questions answered and her items evaluated right in front of her, ending with a cash in hand payment.

My policy has always been upfront honesty and transparency

You can call Cook County Buyers and describe the item you want to sell and receive an approximate price quote right over the phone. Usually sellers are simply told to come in for a price quote. The problem is, no one really has time to drive from dealer to dealer looking for the best deal. Mike understands this and is willing to discuss over the phone and try to give you an idea of your item's value.

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Cook County Gold Buy
Chicago area gold buyer Michael Jacobson

Chicago area gold buyer Michael Jacobson

I am very knowledgeable in the field of Buying Gold and can determine gold purities accurately. I am an honest and ethical gold buyer. Cook County Gold Buyers will come to you, and pay the highest cash rates around.

Don't settle for a mail in service or a pawn shop's low rates. I can't stand knowing that these companies take advantage of their customers. I pay 75% of current spot gold price, no tricks, no secrets and only CASH. Cook County Gold Buyer offers a superior gold buying experience. Give me a call today!

Gold Buyer Meet Up Locations in Illinois
Gold Buyer locations in Chicago land

Gold Buyer Meet Up Locations in Illinois

As your Chicago area gold buyer, I will pay you the most cash for your gold, usually 50% more than pawnshops, mall kiosks or Internet mail companies. And I will meet with you at any Chicago land establishment like; Starbucks, Subway, Red Lobster, and McDonald's.

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