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Why Sell your Gold to Cook County Buyers

At Cook County Buyers you can sell gold jewelry, sell scrap gold...

and even sell nice wearable condition jewelry included rings bracelets pendants necklaces and earrings including diamonds and gemstones. Sell gold coins, sell gold watches, and gold bullion and even sell dental gold, we buy it all!

Most gold jewelry is simply placed on a scale and purchased based on the weight.

However, if you have a very nice quality high end piece of jewelry to sell, Cook County Buyers will often pay an extra premium.  Not all gold is considered scrap in my opinion. Very few buyers will acknowledge the fact that we plan to resell your item at a premium based on craftsmanship and beauty, and pay you extra for it!

Not only can you sell gold jewelry or broken scrap items, but you can also sell diamond engagement rings and sell any gold item from coins to scrap gold, or broken jewelry. My business has expanded to welcome any jewelry items made of sterling, gold, or platinum, and you can get even more cash when selling designer jewelry brands like David Yurman, Tiffany & Co, John Hardy, Cartier and Rolex.

Selling your gold jewelry can be a stressful task

As you want to make sure to get the most cash for your gold as possible. The price of gold skyrocketed a few years ago and has been falling back towards original price levels since 2012. Some companies are urging you to sell your gold now before the prices fall even lower. Other dealers are claiming that now is the time to sell gold jewelry because prices are at an all time high. The truth is no one really knows if gold will go much higher from here, or continue to fall. The right time to sell is when you are in need, or no longer use your items.

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Cook County Gold Buy
My passion has always been for gold and jewelry

My passion has always been for gold and jewelry

I am very knowledgeable in the field of Buying Gold and can determine gold purities accurately. I am an honest and ethical gold buyer. Cook County Gold Buyers will come to you, and pay the highest cash rates around.

Don't settle for a mail in service or a pawn shop's low rates. I can't stand knowing that these companies take advantage of their customers. I pay 75% of current spot gold price, no tricks, no secrets and only CASH. Cook County Gold Buyer offers a superior gold buying experience. Give me a call today!

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Best option for selling gold in Chicagoland

Local Gold Buyer

My name is Michael Jacobson, owner of Cook County Gold Buyers.

We are your best option for selling gold in Chicagoland, because as a Gold Buyer I offer sellers a convenient alternative to selling their scrap gold jewelry to pawnshops or a Cash for Gold Company.

Most people sell their gold for much less than it is worth... Don't be one of them! As your local gold buyer, I will pay you the most cash for gold, usually 50% more than pawnshops, mall kiosks or internet mail companies. You will always receive friendly and professional service and be treated with respect.

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