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Have gold coins or gold bars for sale? We want to buy your gold coins and bars!

Gold Buyer in Chicago
I always pay at least 90% of the market value for your gold bullion bars and coins. Here is a list of common coins that I buy and what rate I pay.

  • American Eagle - 95% of market price
  • US $20, $10, $5, $2.5 gold coins - 90% to 95% of market price
  • American Gold Buffalo- 95% of market price
  • Canadian Maple Leaf - 90% to 95% of market price
  • Sovereign Gold Coins- 90% of market price
  • Krugerrand Gold coins- 90% of market price
  • Chinese Gold Pandas- 90% to 95% of market price
  • Mexico Gold Coins- 90% of market price
  • Austria Philharmonics- 90% of market price
  • Platinum Eagle, Maple- 95% of market price
  • Any Gold Bullion bars- 90% of market price

I will pay higher rates for 5+ ounces of gold. Please feel free to call and discuss your coins and we can give you an approximate buy price.

Sell gold coins and gold Bullion & bars for cash.

Gold Coin Buyer

A one ounce gold coin has the same exact full value as the current spot price of gold that you see on the left.

The price of gold was around $20 per ounce for 142 years from 1792 until 1935. Old US one ounce gold coins have a face value of $20 on them because of this and are referred to as double eagles. $10 coins from that time period are half ounce and called Eagles and quarter ounce coins have a face value of $5 and are called half eagles.

Since that time, the price of gold has marched upward to a high a few years ago of around $1900 per ounce!

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Mike, the Gold Coin Buyer

Northbrook Illinois Office | Mike J.

Mike can meet Monday through Saturday mornings until early afternoon. Please call (773) 490-9828 to schedule a meeting.

Cook County Gold Buyer has a private office in Northbrook IL available by appointment only. If you wish to sell your Gold, please call or text at (773) 490-9828, or email and describe your items, and he will arrange a time to meet at the office. Or if you prefer, Mike can come to a coffee shop, or restaurant near you anywhere in Northern Illinois.

If you are located out of state, you can sell your jewelry by shipping it to us.

I buy all gold jewelry including gold rings, gold chains, gold bracelets, gold earrings, gold coins, gold nuggets, Gold Ringes, and dental gold.


Selling Gold to Mike



I want to ensure I get the most money possible for my gold.
Cook County Buyers always pays at least 75% of market value for your gold and up to 95% or more for desirable items! We promise to offer the most for your gold and will match or beat any written offer!
I need a convenient way to sell my gold with easy access.
Cook County Buyers' private office is in the heart of Downtown Northbrook IL. With free parking in front or next to the building and an elevator to the second-floor office, it will be effortless to sell your gold.
I live in another state or otherwise cannot come to your office.
We will email a FedEx insured shipping label to print out and take to the nearest FedEx drop-off center. Your gold will ship express, and we will send payment the same day we get your package.        

Gold Coin Selling Process

If you prefer, call an expert at (773) 490-9828 for more information or to get an estimate.

Get a Quote

When you call Mike, You'll be greeted by a professional that respects your time. That's why we have just a few quick questions to get you an estimate.

SCHEDULE Appointment

After receiving your estimate, and you're ready to schedule a Service Call, click Schedule a appointment to book online or Call/Text (773) 490-9828.

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