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Cook County Buyer Inc.

If you meet with Mike in person at the Northbrook office, payment will be immediate at the time of sale. For sales under $1000, Cook County Buyers can pay cash, and for anything over $1000, business check, Zelle, or PayPal. For very large amounts, Cook County Buyers may pay with a bank wire or Cashier's check.

If you have shipped your gold via FedEx insured prepaid label, we will pay you either the same or the next day when your package is received. Usually, Zelle or Paypal works best as these forms of payment are instant and convenient.

Another option is an emailed Echeck. You just log in from the link in the email and print the check on regular paper. Cut it from the page, sign the back, and deposit as usual. This process is great because you will instantly have your check, with no risk of loss or delay in the mail! However, if you prefer a regular check in the mail, that's OK too.

Mike J.

If you prefer to mail your items to CCB learn more here

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