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I was very hesitant to sell my unwanted gold jewelry since I'm not familiar with the process. I'm scared at how some pawnshops or gold buyers could dupe you since you can't see upfront what they do with your jewelry or how they verify it and price it. Coming across Mike's website was a blessing.

He was very professional, very courteous and told me step by step how the transaction was going to go.

He was very honest and did everything in front of me. To top it all, his rates are really good. I was pleased with Mike and will definitely recommend him.

Skokie - Rhea S

Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry. I know I had an overwhelming amount of jewelry to look through and you took the time to look at each piece. It's so hard to let go of the "sentimental value", but I am thrilled to know that this cash will help my mother in a much better way than the jewelry could have. Thank you again for your professionalism and help.

Schaumburg - Colleen G.

selling gold in Chicago

As skeptical and tired as I was of pawn shops and other gold dealers, Mike did an amazing job of just keeping his word. After being wooed by his awesome 75% proposal for gold I contacted him and he was available to me 15 minutes later. I brought my gold and some other gold my girlfriend wanted me to sell and to put it short, I walked out with way more than I had anticipated. He's an awesome person and businessman, and definitely someone I will be keeping contact with.

Cgicago - Marcus Hernandez

Hi Mike - Once again, thank you for such an easy and comfortable transaction. We were truly and pleasantly surprised at the worth of my mom's diamond. You were so honest and genuine plus we discovered another great Barnes and Noble bookstore close to home. 

Thanks a bunch,
The Coopers from Barrington

Inderjit - Mike, It was pleasure doing business with you. I called up about 10 vendors out of which 4 refused to quote over the phone. 4 of 6 quoted in penny weights and the price was low. Mike and another company quoted in grams which I was comfortable with. Mike gave me a lower quote and I called him up with what I was getting in NY. He almost matched it. 

I visited a Cash for Gold center to test my Gold and measure it. Mike came in with similar equipment; Measurement and Carat validation was same as what we knew. He paid us cash right on the spot. Total time to do business with him is less than 15 minutes.

Top it he comes to your house and is a very decent and friendly gentleman. He means business and treats you nice. I would recommend him highly over any one else. You cant go wrong with him. If you have any questions - write to me at and I would be happy share my number and give you a candid feedback.

Ilona Brost - I found Mike through his website and met for the first time. Prior to that I checked with 2 jewelers I knew for long time and 2 cash for gold kiosks. Price offered by them was 50-60% at the highest of it\'s value. Mike offered me 75% and named the price per gram right on the phone. When we met on the next day, the value of gold dropped $40! Yet, he did respect the price named the day before, even selling gold jewelry in Chicagothough fairly he didn't\'t have to. Even better surprise that his scale, used right in front of me, shown the weight 8 grams higher than one jeweler I talked to, and 1 gram more than the other.

He paid %80 right on place, cash. In a gold buying business, where honesty is very hard to find, this is a person who actually build his business on honesty. It feels good to leave the meeting knowing that you actually benefited from it rather was being taken advantage of. Will definitely recommend him to my friends... even to my neighbors' :)

Layne Postilion - That a fantastic and painless experience! I would recommend this service to anyone. Selling gold can be nerve wracking- so many people seem like they are out to rip you off, but Mike was polite, professional, and more than fair. Thanks Mike!

J.C. - Hello Mike. We wanted to thank you for meeting with us and discussing our gold items. Before our meeting you, we had no intentions on selling our gold for pennies on the dollar. We had researched our items and knew about where we wanted to be in terms of price. As we spoke with you prior to ourWe buy gold chains - Chicagomeeting we became aware that you were not the typical cash for gold" buyer. During our meeting, we discussed our expectations in selling our gold. You were very polite and honest with your assessment and offer. We were very pleased that you honestly valued our gold as we expected. It was a pleasure meeting and doing business with you. We will recommend you to our friends and family with complete confidence.

George - Wow! I recently sold my gold to Mike at Cook County and I would definitely sell to them again! Mike did EXACTLY what he claimed: 75% of the fair market value for my gold - which is at least 3 to 4 times more than any pawn shop I went to offered me. Mike paid me cash on the spot! Don't waste time with anyone else, you can trust Mike! 

Chicago - 

Leo - Mike came to my house to buy my gold. He checked out all of my pieces and weighed them in front of me, then he gave me cash just as promised. He was right on time, and it was really convient. I will call him again if I have more gold to sell. ThanksBuy Gold WatchesMike. Chicago 

Quincy - WOW! Working with Mike was such a pleasure. After speaking with Mike on the phone he explained his process and agreed to meet me the same day. We met, he began testing my jewelry, gave me a price and the deal was done. I will be happy to work with Mike again in the future and also tell my friends! 

Chicago -

jimmy - I met with mike the first time I guess in July and I was so surprised ,the quote that he gave me was more than what I expected ,he was courteous and on time ,since then I met with him more than 4 times and every time I am so happy, this guy is great and honest. I will refer him to all my friends.

Chicago - 


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