The gold we buy and why we do it
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The Gold We Buy And Why We Do It!

Are you wondering if Cook County Gold Buyers is the right place for you? Please watch our video to learn more about our gold buying process. Mike can be relied on to provide the best gold selling experience for 5 reasons.

  1. Convenient Locations: Mike will meet his clients at any Arlington Heights location.
  2. Best Value: Mike pays 75% of the spot value of the gold based on weight and current gold price. Check the price of gold. He may pay even more for larger quantities. Simply put, Mike pays the most cash for gold.
  3. Convenient Payment Method: Mike pays cash, cashiers check or check
  4. Transparency: Mike weighs and tests your gold jewelry right in front of you and he explains exactly how much he will pay for the gold so there are no surprises.
  5. Security: Rather than sending your gold off to an unknown buyer or selling it online through, Chicago Gold Buyers meets in public locations or will come to your home or place of business.

Here are the types of gold we buy:

Gold Chains

Gold Coins

Scrap Gold

Gold Watches

Gold Bands Rings and Class Rings

Gold Gemstone Jewelry

Gold Bracelets

Gold Earrings

Gold Engagement Ring

White and Rose Gold Jewelry

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selling gold in ChicagoIlona Brost - I found Mike through his website and met for the first time. Prior to that I checked with 2 jewelers I knew for long time and 2 cash for gold kiosks. Price offered by them was 50-60% at the highest of it\'s value. Mike offered me 75% and named the price per gram right on the phone.

When we met on the next day, the value of gold dropped $40! Yet, he did respect the price named the day before, even though fairly he didn't\'t have to. Even better surprise that his scale, used right in front of me, shown the weight 8 grams higher than one jeweler I talked to, and 1 gram more than the other.

He paid %80 right on place, cash. In a gold buying business, where honesty is very hard to find, this is a person who actually build his business on honesty. It feels good to leave the meeting knowing that you actually benefited from it rather was being taken advantage of. Will definitely recommend him to my friends... even to my neighbors'!

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