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Why should you sell your gold chains to Cook County Gold Buyer. Gold chains are an excellent source for gold content when selling gold for cash. Gold chains do not contain any other source of weight such as stones, beads, or enamel which is often found in other jewelry and must be removed first. Men’s gold chains can be very heavy, often weighing several ounces of gold. Gold chains can range in purity from 10k (41.6% pure), 14k (58.5% pure), 18k (75% pure), 22k (91.6% pure) and even 24k (100% pure).

Most chains produced in the US are 14k or 10k gold. Chains from Italy and other parts of Europe are often 18k gold. Gold chains from India and Asia are usually 22k gold and some chains from China and Burma can be 24k pure gold. Stamps can usually be found on or near the clasp which identifies gold content. However, chains produced outside of the US are not always marked. 22k and 24k gold chains are usually not marked at all but have a rich, buttery yellow appearance. Contact your Chicago gold buyer to sell a gold chain.

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My name is Michael Jacobson, owner of Cook County Gold Buyers.

We are your best option for selling gold in Chicagoland, because as a Gold Buyer I offer sellers a convenient alternative to selling their scrap gold jewelry to pawnshops or a Cash for Gold Company.

Most people sell their gold for much less than it is worth... Don't be one of them! As your local gold buyer, I will pay you the most cash for gold, usually 50% more than pawnshops, mall kiosks or internet mail companies. You will always receive friendly and professional service and be treated with respect.

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