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If you are planning to sell your gold in Chicago, and are wondering how it works, please watch this video which shows exactly how to set up a meeting with Cook County Gold buyers. Your Chicago gold buyer will take your call, set up a meeting, and come to you paying cash for gold! Click to watch a demo of a meeting.

How we Buy your Gold

Anything less than 75%, and you should not sell.

The price of gold changes daily. Therefore I cannot put my exact Gold Rates. However, I can speak in percentage.

  1. Pawnshops typically pay 50% of gold value or less.

  2. Cash for gold companies often pay 25% or less!

  3. I pay no less than 75% of current gold value.

I pay even higher percent for larger quantities. Please call or email me for an exact price. I will tell you exactly what I am paying, drive to you, and hand you cash, its easy to sell gold. No checks, no waiting, no secrets, and everything is done right in front of you and with an explanation! READ AN ARTICLE ABOUT SELLING GOLD! Cook County Gold Buyer offers a superior gold buying experience. Give me a call today!

Cook County Gold Buyer offers a superior gold buying experience.


So where can you sell your gold?

The best choice would be to find a local gold buyer. Some Web-based Cash for Gold companies have been exposed as paying as little as 5% of the actual gold value. Plus you have to send your metal away without knowing what they will pay and if they are being honest. When you sell locally, you can request that the buyer weighs your items in front of you, and you can get his offer without being required to sell. By following this simple guide, you can be sure you will receive a fair price for your unwanted scrap gold jewelry!

We are aggressively buying these brands and paying more than any Chicago buyer.

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